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Hi, I'm Jeff Ancel. I’m a technologist with extensive experience in all phases of  software development, including people.

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I love automating tedious repetitive tasks and enabling developers to operate more fluently on business critical enhancements and issues. I also have a family, kids and close friends that deserve most of my time after work. Hobbies include bicycling paths and roads, competitive Cornhole and outdoor smoking & grilling.

About Me

My gigs.

Bayer Crop Science

Working in one of the earliest genetics pipelines we write software that does risk assessments and visualizations for early genetics research and development. Our products are the first to see the scientists new dreams and analyzes DNA before and after it's real!

  • Engages with business to develop new risk mitigation tools in early pipeline development of genetics Discovery & Lab

  • Mentor to team and platform members to help increase team velocity

  • Increase our cloud engineering automation and security tools for AWS

Honorflight, St. Louis

As a primary technical point of contact for Greater St. Louis Honorflight (, I enjoy maintaining and enhancing their application process to managing their flights and flight notification systems when they fly our veterans to Washington D.C. for one last hoorah!

  • Volunteered to remove the paper from their processes

  • Volunteered on 2 honor flights

  • Maintain system and enhance features while also maintaining security updates

Let's Talk

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

Winston S. Churchill

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